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Thrift Store Booty!

I have been pretty busy this holiday season (as, I'm certain, most of you have). I work at a local independent book store which, thankfully, has been incredibly busy with sales and orders so extra hours are on everyone's schedule. I also work as a Production Runner for the local performing arts arena and have had more work than usual which is always good!

This all means that I spend fewer hours in the studio doing the thing I like best - creating! It also means that household stuff gets forgotten about most days. Well, yesterday I finally HAD to go shopping for the necessities like, you know, toilet paper and food. Little things like that... Lucky for me, the grocery stores are in the same part of town as my favorite thrift stores! Yay! Nothing makes going food shopping during the holiday season more pleasant than to stop off at the local charity shops to see what treasures might be hiding there.

Anyway, I scored some really fun Christmas items - some I love just as they are and others I plan to dismantle and salvage the pieces or use in some Christmas themed crafts. It's probably a little too late this year for me to actually sell anything Christmas-y but it will be good practice for next year!

The first are these awesome, wooden reindeer! Obviously vintage or, at the least, inspired by mid-century design. I think I will be adding these to my growing personal collection of vintage Christmas decorations.

Next were these vintage floral picks - not sure what to do with these yet but aren't they cool?

Then I found this wall hanging with brass bells, fabulous millinery stems and chenille cording. These will be dismantled and the pieces added to my stash of stuff to use in the future.

We have a little charity shop which seems to be the only one in town that truly honors craft supplies. They put EVERYTHING out for sale and you get a great deal if you have the patience (and enough money in the parking meter) to dig around for a while. Here are some sweet bits and pieces unearthed yesterday. I love the little trinket dish - so pretty!

And this stack of Christmas cards!! Woo hoo! These are not for sending out - I'm going to use the graphics as inspiration or for backgrounds to other projects.

I also made a quick stop at Dollar Tree. Not only did I discover that they sell Coconut Milk (a staple in our house for those nights when curry is on the dinner menu) but I did pick up a few sparkly supplies along the way.

And, finally, a little something just for me! This scarf is a beautiful shade of orange (my favorite color!) mixed with a purple shade I can only call Mulberry. It's HUGE and square-shaped making it incredibly versatile. I'm looking forward to having an opportunity to wear it soon!

So, that's the booty I picked up for just not very dang much money yesterday. Now, it's time for a quick lunch, a shower and off to work! Have a great day!

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