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Actually Making Some Shadow Box Christmas Ornaments

Well, nothin' like waitin' 'til the 11th hour to actually make some Christmas ornaments! The supplies for these have been cluttering up my studio table for, what... a week? No, 10 days! *sheesh*

Finally, I just decided to spend time in my studio MAKING STUFF and to not feel guilty about it. Laundry and dishes will still be there tomorrow, maybe even the next day.

So, this being my first try at this, I think it went OK. Something I have suspected for a while but just couldn't bring myself to admit: I am a hot glue FLUNKIE. For some reason I simply CANNOT get control of hot glue. Maybe I need a better glue gun? Is there no other choice besides one that lets all the hot glue ooze from the tip whether you want it to or not? I think most of the glue ends up on the surface where the gun is resting rather than on the project. What a messy waste of money!! Maybe that's just part of using hot glue, I don't know... If it's not just part of the game, suggestions for a good glue gun will be MUCH appreciated!

So, back to the ornaments... I used one of the Christmas cards I found while out thrift shopping for the background and added gold pipe cleaners and silvery bobs (both found at the dollar store). I added a flat surface by cutting a support from the same card. then, I decorated a bottle brush tree, added some glitter and white plastic "snow" and a small deer. The words "peace and joy" came from the inside of the card (I glittered those up with clear glitter) and added some red rhinestones because I thought it needed a bit more color. I may still add glitter to the front edges and more rhinestones - not sure yet. To the top I added a small loop for hanging.

Like I said, for a first attempt, I'm pretty pleased! I wanted it to feel retro and I think it does. The plan to take in-progress photos sort of fell by the wayside. Once I get going, I forget to stop and take pictures. Here are a few for you plus the (maybe) finished ornament. Enjoy!

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