Chinese Lantern - A New Woven Neckpiece

The holiday season seems so busy for me this year - not that it actually IS busier than usual, it just seems that way! I was beginning to wonder if I would ever finish the necklace project I had started a couple of weeks ago. But I did, finally, almost, last night... it is still lacking a neck strap and so not entirely "finished" but we're getting there.

For now, I am calling this piece "Chinese Lantern" as the inspiration came from a bright red, embroidered silk jacket I have and then from the lovely vintage necklace pendant once for sale in my vintage shop on Etsy - it never sold and I was secretly glad of that! Originally, It had some faux pearl drops but I replaced them with freshwater pearls, gold-plated chain fringe and gold-plated bead caps. Matching earrings are in the making, as well. A more exotic moniker may come to me and the name will change but for now... it's "Chinese Lantern".

Here are a couple of photos I wanted to share - more to follow... Please feel free to comment - I would love to know what you think! :)

1 comment:

KJ said...

Before even seeing the name I thought "Asian."

Very nice.


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